Notices of Intent

Notices of Intent to Award

This notice constitutes compliance with Public Contract Code (PCC) Section 10345 and OSPD policy.
Notice is hereby given that OSPD intends to award contract(s) as follows:

Name of Proposed AwardeeContract NumberDate of Intent to AwardDate of Award
The Kolbe Company20-SA-1006 (20-RFO-1006)02/26/2103/05/21
Compassionate Return LLC21-SA-1003 (21-RFP-1003)07/09/2107/16/21
Hector Salgado21SA5002_Notice of Intent01/25/2202/01/22
The Wren Collective 22SA9001 Notice of Intent10/10/2210/18/22
Capitol Tech Solutions 22SA7001 Notice of Intent04/21/2304/28/23
Southern Methodist University 22SA9005 Notice of Intent04/28/2305/05/23
Compassionate Return LLC23SA104 Notice of Intent08/18/2308/25/23
Unexpected Virtual Tours and Training23SA105 Notice of Intent02/01/2402/08/24