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OSPD ListServ Policy Guidelines
  1. The existing line-up of OSPD lists are:
    1. AB 3070 — for people interested in the “Better than Batson
    2. AB 2542 — for people interested in the Racial Justice Act (RJA).
    3. LA Cases – for people representing clients in capital cases from Los Angeles County
    4. People are free to be members of all of our lists They are also encouraged to pay attention to the subject focus of the lists and direct their postings appropriately.
  1. Administrative announcements to lists are circulated with the prefix ADMIN: (e.g. ADMIN: List Outage). Please read such messages before any others you may have received from the lists and before making your next posting.
  1. The lists are unmoderated. If you are a member of one of these lists and send an e-mail to the relevant address, your posting will go to all members as you wrote it.
  1. In the interests of traffic reduction, every request for information, except requests for information about experts, should include a line that says: “Please send responses to me offline. I will compile them and post to the list.” The purposes are to eliminate (a) non-substantive traffic from people saying they also want to see the responses to the query, and (b) the burden on list members of having to read the substantive responses one at a time. Ordinarily if the request fails to include such a line:
  1. In the case of requests for experts, the replies should go offline to the requester, who will forward them on an individual basis to members who ask.
  2. With respect to substantive discussions, the default expectation is that most of these will take place offline among those interested once there has been an initial posting raising the subject.
  3. If you hit reply your email will go only to the sender. If you hit reply all your response will go to everyone on the listserv. Please use this function judiciously.
  1. To the extent that substantive discussion does take place on list, civility is imperative if these valuable tools are to serve their important functions. Dialogue benefits everyone, and no one should fear that participation will be an unpleasant experience. People necessarily differ in their experience levels and even people of the same experience level often differ on issues. Be gentle.
  1. The lists are for the facilitation of the legal defense of criminal cases by the sharing of information among members, all of whom are expected to behave in accordance with professional standards.
  1. All recipients are under an obligation to preserve the applicability of work product and similar protections. Specifically, there is to be no use of list traffic for litigation purposes (e.g. as exhibits to declarations, or to question witnesses).
  1. There is no such thing as perfect security in an internet environment. Good sense suggests that given the size of the lists you consider whether your query might work as well without case-identifiable details.
  1. Requests for the addition of new members may be made here.
    1. Routine requests for address changes, account suspensions and similar items are can be made online in your listserv account or by emailing
    2. If you experience service issues, please contact
  1. People as to whom it becomes inappropriate that they remain on the list should please alert Institutional supervisors who know of such persons should please do the same.
  1. Posters should please remember to include their full name, affiliation and contact info, including e-mail address in the body of each posting. (Your permanent automated signature block is where people would routinely look for this information). Even if you think your return e-mail address is in the header it may not stay there as the message is forwarded through various e-mail systems.Then people with information to share will not know where tosend it.
  1. People responding to posts are encouraged to pay attention to this information. Often a message for one reason or another comes from one account requesting replies to go to another. Please take a second to reduce everyone’s irritation level by decoding and honoring such requests.
  2. Along the same lines, please take a moment to set any automated responses on your account (e.g. out of office) in such a way that they don’t bounce back to the list(s). As noted above, we can on request suspend your account for a period of time. Furthermore, you can now do this for yourself through the website for these lists. Information on how to access these websites is in the email you received when you first registered
  1. Large attachments can choke the e-mail systems of some of our members. Therefore, if you can provide a link instead of attaching a document you are encouraged to do so. If you are attaching a document and have the capability of shrinking your pdfs before circulating please do so, with the goal of keeping any single attachment or group of attachment accompanying one e-mail down to a size of 20 MB.
  1. As an alternative, you may upload the material to our password-protected cloud site. There are no capacity limitations and the material remains stored there and is word searchable. (If you are posting a .pdf and can convert it to an OCR format first, please do so).
  2. For information on how to access the cloud site, contact
  3. There is no need for this resource be used only in responding to queries. If you have useful material on some relevant topic you are free to upload it for everyone’s benefit and to circulate an announcement saying you have done so.
  1. All lists may be used for announcements of events that are relevant to the particular list and whose purpose is educational or informational (e.g. CLE courses, talks by distinguished speakers, forthcoming TV broadcasts).
  1. Because this listserv is operated by a state agency please do not send solicitations for donations or political activity.